Regeneratus Consulting Regenerate (verb) - bring new and more vigorous life, revive, especially in economic terms
Regeneratus Consulting  Regenerate (verb) - bring new and more vigorous life, revive, especially in economic terms

Restructuring & Turnaround

Led by Robert Insall, an accredited member of the Institute for Turnaround and qualified commercial, finance and restructuring lawyer, Regeneratus Consulting has a particular focus on restructuring and turnaround


This could involve process design & improvement, cost reduction, strategic evaluation and input and negotiating with key stakeholders (including management, shareholders, employees, HMRC, key suppliers or customers and the bank or other finance provider)


We have experience in quickly understanding the challenges facing a business and working to deliver practical solutions to help turn a business around for the benefit of all stakeholders


Often the management team will have limited experience of facing challenging times and guidance from experts who have seen numerous distressed situations can provide stability and reassurance and allow a renewed focus on improving the business for the benefit of all stakeholders


Our team have been involved in delivering successful financial and operational restructurings across a huge range of sectors including leisure & tourism, agriculture, logistics, luxury goods, real estate and property development, retail, education, manufacturing and financial services

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