Regeneratus Consulting Regenerate (verb) - bring new and more vigorous life, revive, especially in economic terms
Regeneratus Consulting  Regenerate (verb) - bring new and more vigorous life, revive, especially in economic terms

Management & Project Support

Sometimes, it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.  Rather than taking on the considerable costs and risks of finding and hiring new full time employees, Regeneratus Consulting can offer our expert practitioners on a temporary & flexible basis to help you best meet your requirements.  This could provide expert support with the right non-executive director to provide challenge, scrutiny and guidance, for the implementation of a change programme, negotiating a new contract or completing or managing a key project or transaction.


We have also been involved with a number of situations requiring succession planning - helping to maximise value on an exit for the existing shareholders or to help provide some extra support when the time comes for the next generation to take over. 


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