Regeneratus Consulting Regenerate (verb) - bring new and more vigorous life, revive, especially in economic terms
Regeneratus Consulting  Regenerate (verb) - bring new and more vigorous life, revive, especially in economic terms

Debt & Equity Capital Raising

Securing access to capital is fundamental in helping reinvigorate and develop any business


Aside from having its own capital to invest, Regeneratus Consulting also works closely with a range of debt and equity providers and can help you source the right capital solution for your business

Debt Raising

We have strong relationships with a range of funds, banks, family offices and other sources of debt as well as team members with considerable banking experience.  We can help your business source and negotiate the best debt solution to help deliver long term stakeholder value. 

Equity Raising

Alternatively, you may want to secure equity capital for your business.  Whilst this will dilute your ownership, it can provide additional financial resources for investment into the business together with expertise and potentially access to a new network to help move your business to the next level.  Regeneratus Consulting will help introduce the right equity provider for your business and can offer leadership and guidance in the negotiations.

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